We believe our Agriculture Fencing products and services are of the highest standard, these are also endorsed by our Local Council and Schools. Sharman Fencing is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all our employees and anyone who may be affected by our work activities.

Services we provide on this sector:

Post and rail fencing

Timber Post and Rail fencing is one of the more versatile fencing systems. It offers an effective perimeter mark but without the obtrusive and overpowering effect that screen fencing can sometimes have, ideal where an area needs to be defined, but without obstructing the view.

Post and Rail fencing is also highly popular around areas for grazing animals especially when wire netting is added and at roadsides. It has many uses including domestic and agricultural applications and is available in a variety of styles.

Stock Fencing

This is a widely used system on farms to fence sheep, pigs and cattle. It consists of timber posts, struts and strainers and C8:80:15 stock netting.

Deer Fencing

This is constructed using normal techniques.

Access Gates

Sharman Fencing offer a variety of wooden and specialist access gates. One allows easy wheelchair / pedestrian access and the other allows easy access for horses and other animals. This allows the main gate to be secured, stopping unauthorised vehicles from gaining access.

Electric Stock Fencing

We are now in a position as Gallagher recognised installers to advise and erect electrical fencing systems for farms and stables. We are GPSD trained to fit large electric energisers.