Commercial Fencing Dorset

Do you want the best commercial fencing for your Dorset property?  With years of experience in the fencing industry and a diverse fencing selection, you can be assured that Sharman Fencing will provide your property with a great service. All commercial fencing Dorset will be tailored to fit your property and its needs. Call 01929 472181 today to find out more about our commercial fencing Dorset service.

Our commercial fencing in Dorset services

At Sharman Fencing, we are dedicated to ensuring that the commercial fencing Dorset needs of our customers is fully met by our company. We provide the following types of fencing:

Chain link fencing

At Sharman Fencing, we provide a wide range of chain link fencing for commercial properties throughout Dorset. We can provide a complete chain link fencing to suit every commercial property regardless of the size or type of commercial property.  We use chain link fencing that has been constructed from steel wiring. Our chain link fences will act as a great security boundary against intruders.

Mesh panel fencing

Do you want a strong but visually appealing fencing option? If so, mesh panel fencing will be the perfect option for your commercial fencing in Dorset needs. Sharman Fencing can supply a wide range of mesh panel fencing in different heights and colours to suit the needs of every commercial property in Dorset. Constructed to the highest standards our mesh panel fences will offer a high level of protection against impact and vandalism.

Steel palisade fencing

Steel palisade fences are one of the strongest commercial fences in Dorset that Sharman Fencing can provide your property in Dorset. The simple and robust design of steel palisade fencing makes them highly resistant to damage and invaders on your property. We provide steel palisade fencing in a range of colours to suit every commercial property.

commercial fencing dorset

Why choose our services?

At Sharman Fencing, we have provided many commercial properties in Dorset with a whole host of commercial fencing for many years. All fences supplied by our company are tailored to meet your needs and will be customised to meet your preferences. Our company are members of the Fencing Contractors Association and have been members for 20 years.

Over the years, we have established a reputation for delivering customers an efficient and prompt service. All services are customised to fit your needs, and we offer our customers competitive prices on all fences and great customer service.

The team at Sharman Fencing are:

  • CSCS card carriers
  • First aid trained
  • Dedicated to the job
  • Polite and friendly

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If you are interested in finding out more about our commercial fencing Dorset services, contact the team today on 01929 472181 or you can email