Estate Fencing

Does your estate need sturdy and strong fencing? At Sharman Fencing, we offer a variety of brilliant fences to suit all budgets. We are also able to provide fencing on estates of all different sizes. Call us today on 01929 472181 to discuss your estate fencing requirement.

What We Provide

Sharman Fencing is able to provide all of your fencing needs and will meet all of your fencing requirements. We provide these fences in different materials:

Arenas and Enclosures
At your request, we are able to construct arenas and enclosures of all sizes. This can be constructed to suit all intended purposes.

Access Gates

Customers at Sharman Fencing can benefit from a range of different access gates to meet their specific needs. We have access gates that are designed to allow easy access for humans, horses and vehicles. The access gates come in wood or specialist materials. Our access gates are can be secured and prevent uninvited vehicles gaining access to your estate.

Field Gates
Field Gates are ideal for customers who require access to their fields for vehicular, animal or other purposes. We stock field gates in a variety of materials and sizes to suit all the needs of our customers. Field gates can also be installed with wire mesh.

Post and Rail Fencing
Often estate owners want estate fencing that does not detract from the beauty of their land and they also wish for their estate to be fenced off in an unobtrusive and non-threatening manner. Sharman Fencing can provide post and rail estate fencing in a variety of different styles to suit all of your needs. As well as fencing off your land, post and rail fences have great agricultural and domestic purposes such as securing animals that are grazing. We can provide wire netting if requested.

Stock Dear Fencing
Many landowners find that stock dear fencing is a perfect option as it is an effective fencing boundary and secures livestock within a particular fenced area. Fencing can be constructed in a normal fashion or according to the New Zealand Box System.

estate fencing

How Sharman Fencing Will Help Protect Your Estate

  • Secure your livestock and property
  • Ward off intruders and pests
  • Clearly defines your land
  • Will ward off poachers

Why Choose Us

At Sharman Fencing, we believed in meeting the needs of our customers and providing outstanding fencing. Your fencing order will be tailored to fit your property and needs. Our company are members of the Fencing Contractors Association and have been for over 20 years. All of our staff members are CSCS and First Aid trained. If requested, our company can provide on-site repairs.


Call us today on 01929 472 181 or email to discuss your estate fencing solutions with our experts.