Fencing companies Dorset

Are tired of receiving the same mediocre service from your fencing companies Dorset? That fails to address every requirement that you need from a Dorset fencing company? Then look no further than Sharman Fencing, we are the leading local fencing contractor and have been for nearly 4 decades.

The very best of fencing companies in Dorset

When you decide to invest in our fencing services, we fully invest in you. It is our ethos to ensure that every customer requirement is filled to the highest possible trading standard and that this standard is extended to all of our multiple services.

Our customers’ requests range from commercial, industrial and agricultural needs. Only with us will you get such a comprehensive level of cover to so many services, placing us far ahead of any other fencing companies Dorset.

Our skilled technicians put their years of experience in a variety of gate types ranging from sturdy security gates to larger projects such as industrial style. We ensure that we are one of the leading fencing companies Dorset by providing our staff with the highest level of training and modern equipment.  Every member of our team are fully qualified and contribute to the leading service for Dorset fencing companies.

Fencing companies Dorset

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A range of Dorset fencing companies

To prove that we are the very best in Dorset fencing companies, here is a vast array of services to commercial, industrial and agricultural fencing that makes us the first choice over other fencing companies Dorset:

    • Chainlink – The ideal choice in simplicity for commercial and industrial fencing needs. Our chainlink fence is versatile as it is made from steel wire. Our chainlink fencing can be installed in a variety of sizes, heights and colours making it the perfect choice for fencing companies Dorset service to tennis courts, garden, playing fields and much more.
    • Steel Palisade – Are you in need of a strong and secure fencing service that you fail to receive from other Dorset fencing companies? Our Steel palisade fencing is designed to form a formidable barrier for a cost effective price and is guaranteed to repel any trespassers.
    • Mesh Fencing – This attractive style of fencing is the most effective product to provided a non-threatening boundary. Unlike other fencing companies Dorset, this style of fencing is a particularly popular application for schools and colleges, as well as offering a razor barb for clients looking for high security fencing from fencing companies in Dorset.
    • Post and rail fencing – Unlike other fencing companies Dorset, we also specialize in agricultural fencing, particularly in post, rail and stock fencing. This is the perfect choice for a reliable yet fence that is not too overpowering and as a result is our most popular choice for farming where animals are present.

We offer many other services to cover all expectations that you may have from fencing companies in Dorset. Some of these include bow top, stock fence and barbed wire fencing.

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Why we are the first choice for fencing companies Dorset

Our company is family run and has been well established as one of the very best Dorset fencing companies for over 38 years. We take pride in our ability to achieve maximum customer satisfaction to all of our services. We do this using only the best technicians and equipment available.

Aside from having been a member of the fencing contractors association for over 20 years, here are a few other reasons why we are the best choice for Dorset fencing companies:

      • We manufacture all of our products in house in order to adhere them to any requirement.
      • We offer a time efficient service that includes advice given from our trained staff.
      • Our experts are CSCS approved to Gold Standard.


You can find some of the fantastic work that we have provided to previous as a fencing contractor at the portfolio. Here you can witness first hand why we are one of the leading fencing companies in Dorset.

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Updated on 1st March 2017.