Fencing Dorset

At Sharman Fencing, we cater to all of our Dorset customers fencing needs. Whether you want to increase the security of your property or simply insert a boundary, we have a great range of fences ranging from Bow Top fencing to Mesh Panel fencing. Our company has over 20 years of experience in supplying a superb fencing Dorset service to many satisfied customers. So if you want a fence of a high-quality, choose Sharman today by calling 01929 472 181.

Types of Dorset fencing we provide:

Every property has its unique requirements, what would suit one property may not suit another. Sharman Fencing prides itself on the diversity of its surplus and skilled workforce which enables our company to provide the following fencing in Dorset:


Many commercial properties often have high-value goods on their site that can be vulnerable to theft or attack if not protected. Sharman Fencing has a range of options for customers looking to secure and protect their commercial property.

Sharman Fencing offers a range of choices for our commercial customers and their property. Popular fencing options include Steel Palisade and Mesh Panel fencing which is extremely strong and able to sustain a range of damage.  We also offer Chain Link fencing, which is very easy to install and likewise is noted for its strength properties.

Industrial properties have their exclusive security needs and requirements and will need proper protection from intruders. Sharman Fencing can supply high-quality industrial fencing that will be customised to your property and its fencing needs.

Many owners of industrial properties require fencing that provides maximum security and safety for their industrial property. Sharman Fencing offers our industrial clients a range of fences like Steel Palisade, Mesh Panel and Chain Link fencing on your property. Multiple levels of fencing are best suited for industrial properties and will deter intruders. In addition to these fences, Sharman Fencing can install high-security features such as a wide range of barbed wire – which is a great intruder deterrent.

Fencing Dorset


Our company has years of experience in providing a superb agricultural fencing service to many satisfied customers in Dorset. Excellent and durable agricultural fencing in your property will help protect your livestock and mark the boundary of your land.

Sharman Fencing can install a splendid selection of fencing that is suitable for a range of agricultural purposes.  So whether you want to contain your livestock or make your land more accessible, Sharman can install a wide range of fencing suitable for all of your property. We install the following types of agricultural fencing: Access and Field Gates for easy and clean access to your land; Stock Dear fences, and the unobtrusive Post and Rail fencing.

Repair and maintenance

Over time, your Dorset fencing can deteriorate whether this is due to damage or external factors. Sharman Fencing offers all customers in Dorset a comprehensive repair and maintenance service that will restore your fencing to the high standards it deserves.

Why choose Sharman Fencing?

Sharman Fencing has provided the best Fencing Dorset our customers have experienced. With over 20 years of experience in the Dorset fencing industry, you can be assured that we will deliver a high-quality service.

Regardless of the fencing you require, our company can provide a superb selection to meet all of your fencing in Dorset needs. All fences will be installed by our expert and experienced team who will ensure that the fencing is installed in the correct manner.

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