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If you’re trying to find a company that supplies high-quality fencing in Poole, then look no further. Our team of expert fencers at Sharman Fencing have experience in supplying and fitting both wooden and metal fencing for major commercial, industrial and agricultural players. So get in touch today on 01929 472181 for your free no-obligation quotation.

Introducing our Poole fencing

For over 20 years, Shaman Fencing has been constructing and fitting high-quality fencing for commercial, industrial and agricultural industries. During that time, we have built a reputation for supplying our customers with the best fencing Poole has seen – a reputation which has been built on a combination of quality materials and superior levels of workmanship.

We understand the needs of the different industries and we use our expertise to advise our clients on the best protective fencing for them.

We can supply and install the following fences:

      • Steel palisade
      • Mesh
      • Chain link
      • Stock fence
      • Barbed wire
      • Security fencing

Read on to find out more about the different fences we can offer.

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Information about the best fencing Poole has to offer

Fences serve an important purpose across all industries, as they provide both security and property boundary lines. Whether you need a soft or hard deterrent, we can design the perfect fencing so you can be confident that your business or property is protected against any intruders.

When it comes to fencing in Poole, we’re sure to have the right style for you.  With quality materials and a range of fencing accessories in stock, we can construct and fit fences that are adapted to your needs.

Commercial and Industrial Fencing  Fencing in Poole

Whether you’re after steel palisade, chain-link or mesh Poole fencing, we can guarantee that every structure from Sharman Fencing is strong, durable and made to last.

In the past, we have supplied palisade fencing to various commercial and industrial establishments including schools and the MOD. While the structure of palisade fencing in itself is heavily designed to deter anyone from entering a site, at Sharman fencing, we can also integrate barbed wire and other security features for additional peace of mind.

We also supply the best mesh and chain link fencing Poole has to offer. While mesh or chain link fencing is a fantastic way of warding off an area, you shouldn’t have to compromise on the aesthetics, which is why we offer our mesh fencing in Poole in a range of different colours.

Our mesh and chain link fences can be manufactured to different degrees of severity; from varying heights to incorporating barbed wire as an additional feature at the top of the fence, we design our fencing in Poole to your requirements.

Agricultural Fencing

Agricultural Poole fencing is more subtle, as the wooden structure is designed to blend in with the natural landscape. We have a range of post and rail options available and can tailor the different features to meet your needs. For example, if you keep animals, your fence may need to be a specific height, while the meshes need to be a certain size to prevent the animal from forcing its way through.

In addition to traditional metal wiring, we are also qualified to install electric fencing, which can be a great way to keep animals from getting out and stop unwanted animal guests from getting in. The shock emitted is only a light deterrent, and won’t cause the animal any harm.

How do we deliver the best fencing service?

At Sharman Fencing, we provide a start to finish service and look after our customers every step of the way.  When you approach us regarding fencing Poole for your company or property, you’ll be able to speak to an expert, who will listen to your needs and advise you on the best Poole fencing for you.

To provide you with an accurate quotation, a member of our team will come and survey the site to measure the perimeter and assess the level of work that will need to take place.  From the visit, we’ll be able to work out how much material will be required, which will then ensure that the price that we give you is accurate.

Once we have manufactured the fence to your requirements, we’ll arrange a day to come and install your fencing in Poole.  The first step will be preparing the ground, which is imperative to ensuring that your fence will stand securely. We’ll then install the remainder of the structure step by step, using our expertise to supply fencing in Poole that will last for many years to come.

Why should you choose Sharman Fencing?

As we’ve already mentioned, we’ve been supplying fencing in Poole for over 20 years. In that time, we have continued to invest in developing and enhancing our expertise to become one of the best fencing companies in Poole.

All of our men are CSCS qualified, and have gone through rigorous health and safety training to make sure that they can deliver a safe service. We also possess public liability insurance, so we can legally carry out all the services that we have mentioned.

As a family company, we have focussed on passing down the valuable skills that we have collated through years of supplying commercial, industrial and agricultural fencing. All of our fencers are professionally trained and qualified in their areas, which means you can be sure in knowing that you’re receiving the very best from Sharman Fencing.

To conclude, when you choose Sharman Fencing for your fencing in Poole, you can benefit from:

  • Bespoke fencing manufactured to your requirements
  • Prompt service and professional advice
  • Qualified fencers certified to CSCS gold standard
  • Onsite repairs

Previous projects

You can have a look at some of the fences we have recently installed in our online gallery.

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Updated on 1st March 2017.