Garden Fencing

With any domestic property, the garden fencing can have an effect on the mood of the property as a whole. Whatever fencing you desire, be it a high security fence or one that does not spoil a view, Sharman Fencing Ltd has everything you need for your garden fencing. As we have over 20 years experience, our customers always know that they are in good hands. Call us today on 01929 472181 to find out more.

About our fencing for gardens

When it comes to our gardens, we sometimes feel that we can do a little more. Some homeowners may feel like their garden has been neglected, and often we find problems with our fencing. If your garden fencing needs to be repaired or replaced, we offer services that will fit around your needs. Once you have chosen the fencing for your garden, we can install your new fencing, taking into account any issues that may arise. With our assessments we can safely identify any problems that might occur during the installation process.

Your garden

Everyone has a different approach when it comes to their garden. Whether you spend hours or minutes in your garden, the right fence will make a difference to the overall appearance of your garden and your property. If you have visitors around during the summer, maybe for a family BBQ or a special occasion, the fencing needs to be able to withstand any potential damage and protect your property. Our fences are designed to suit your needs, and we can find a fence that matches the rest of your property or a new fence, to change the look of your garden.

The materials

  • Wooden panels
  • Posts
  • Rails
  • Trellis
  • Concrete
  • Oak
  • And many more

With any new fence, Sharman Fencing Ltd will ensure that the materials are finished correctly, so they look their best and will last for many years.

Garden Fencing

Our garden fencing services

The decision process

Deciding what type of fencing to use for your garden is not always the easiest decision. Sharman Fencing Ltd can help with the decision process; we can recommend the most suitable materials for your property and the best type of fence for your garden. If you have any plans for the future of your garden, we can include this when advising you on the best fencing for you.

Your garden structure

No matter the shape or size of your garden, we can design and install your fences to fit perfectly on the perimeter. With some fencing designs, planning permission may be required, and we will always make sure that you have the right planning permission before we start our work, to ensure that the procedure is carried out correctly. We will always state when planning permission is needed, and give you a no obligation quote for the work needed, so you have peace of mind that you can take your time.


Installing a new fence is a skill. The foundations have to be the correct depth in order to support the entire weight of the fence. If this is not done properly, it could affect the stability of the fence. With our installations we guarantee that they will last for many years, but if a fault is found we are more than happy to come to your property to carry out the necessary repairs.

About the company

Sharman Fencing Ltd is a family run business that provides fences for many properties. With over 20 year experience, we have all the skills that we need to recommend, design, install and repair fences. With each job we carry out we always aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction and we go the extra mile to ensure that every customer gets what they want.

Contact us

If you are looking for garden fencing, contact Sharman Fencing Ltd today on 0192 947 2181 or 0192 947 2182 or send us an email at