Security Fencing

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced company to manufacture security fencing for your property? Well, look no further than Sharman Fencing Ltd. We are a family-run business that takes on an array of projects from different industries. Depending on your site, we can manufacture fences and gates for security purposes. To receive a quotation for our services, give our team a call on 01929 472181.

Security Fencing
Security Fencing Repairs

Security Fencing Manufacturers You Can Rely On

Any sort of property that is used for commercial or industrial purposes requires solid security systems, which may include fencing or gates. Here at Sharman Fencing Ltd, we have been helping clients for years by manufacturing and installing a variety of fences and gates, all of which cater to our clients’ specifications. We also provide stellar security fence repairs, so you will have everything covered.

The beauty of our company is that we can provide you with a range of products that serve as top-quality security. From high to low-level security systems, our team of experts can manufacture security fencing for an array of clients, including schools and industrial sites. As well as supplying security measures, we can also produce the following:

  • Chestnut Post and Pale
  • Bow Top Fencing
  • Garden Fencing
  • Barbed Wire
  • Stockfence
  • And more!

When you turn to our team here at Sharman Fencing Ltd, you will be receiving a truly bespoke service. We are well aware that every request is different depending on the property, but you can trust in us to meet your needs. Our security fencing manufacturers will create everything on our own premises.

As well as offering our manufacturing and security fencing repairs to the commercial and industrial sectors, we also provide agricultural fencing. Within this industry, we specialise in multiple styles for a variety of purposes, including post and rail fencing, electric stock fencing, deer fencing and access gates.

Chainlink Fencing

A common system for general security is chainlink, which is a multipurpose application that is woven from steel wire. When you enlist our services, you will be able to choose from a range of wire gauges, sizes and finishes of mesh. This particular security fencing can be used for an array of applications.

Steel Palisade

If your property is in need of a fence that deters intruders and vandals, then steel palisade is an ideal choice. Our security fencing manufacturers will construct the security applications from hot and cold rolled steel. The pales can be created in a variety of heights and we also have matching gates available. This is the most solid and secure fencing option on the market, and it is incredibly cost effective.

Mesh Panel Fencing

This option is generally used by schools as it can be aesthetically-pleasing while also acting as a security measure. Keep in mind that we provide an array of options and also offer a bespoke service, which means that we can tailor everything to your specific needs. If you ever encounter problems with these systems, we can conduct security fencing repairs.

Why Choose Our Company for Security Fencing?

When it comes to security fencing, it is essential that you choose a company that is experienced and offers a reliable service. If you turn to our experts for manufacturing, supply, installation and repairs you can expect a stellar service. Each and every one of our products are built to your requirements and specifications.

Our security fencing options are made to measure, and on the day that we are scheduled to install yours, we will arrive on time. Our team are proud of the efficient and prompt service that we provide, and we are always on hand to offer professional advice. Rest assured that our employees are highly trained, qualified and have been trained in first aid.

If you are yet to be convinced by our expertise, consider the fact that we have been members of the Fencing Contractors Association for the past 20 years. On top of that, we have Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Approved Employees to Gold Standard.

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